About The Dragon Lady...

I was one of the first women to hold a management position Corporate America in the 70’s. I finished my corporate career managing a multi-million dollar corporation in Miami. Behind my back they called me the Dragon Lady.

But somewhere during that 20 yeas I realized that my real forte was helping people.

That realization led me to follow my instinct to help people be the most that they could be by learning to use hypnosis…thus I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is unparalleled in assisting people to integrate art and life, creativity and wellness, and foster healthy and happy lives. I found that hypnosis makes self-expression and joy easy to attain so that everyone can live a balanced, fulfilled life. I saw that work in my own life.

I began to specialize in using hypnosis for addiction recovery. It was a very successful way to help people leave addiction behind, but it was also very stressful for me. Then a friend introduced me to her passion, which was beadwork. I soon branched out into coppersmithing, silversmithing and various other modalities to create more than just pretty things, I wanted to create works of art! I also discovered that, between clients, using a hammer to pound on a piece of metal was very stress relieving!

When the cost of silver shot from $4.50 a Troy ounce to $50 a Troy ounce it was time to find another way to express my creativity and that is when I discovered clay. The color keeps me coming back even though silver has come back to a reasonable price point! This unique medium can be used for just about anything!

To the present I continue to study and refine my technique so that I can create unique, different, wearable art.

I want my work to integrate art and life, creativity and joy. And I work at that every day!

Nancy McCune